About Socially Conscious Investing

Socially Conscious Investing is an online radio show hosted by Social Impact Marketing with the mission of inspiring and educating people about how to make a difference in the world.  Each week we interview people who represent for-profit or nonprofit organizations or who are entrepreneurs impacting social change. 

The business sector of social impact investing has been evolving for over a decade.  In my opinion, we are at a crossroads where generations are converging in thought and action making this a unique time and opportunity in history.  Baby Boomers who tested new values in the 1960s are now at retirement age with many having accumulated wealth.  They are looking back at their 60s roots and re-discovering their passion for impacting change for the better. 

Simultaneously, the new generations, well versed in using technology, accustomed to rapid gratification and ready to use their creative minds to forge a new world, are eager to make their own impact.  The collision of these “older” and new generations is resulting in a “perfect storm” where change can be quickly obtained. 

Place this in combination with the economic challenges of the past 5 years, and the profit community is ready for change as well.  Gradually businesses are “waking up” to see how community impact can actually sustain profits. 

The social impact arena is blossoming with the advent of “social entrepreneurs” who are building business models to combat extreme poverty, improve health in the community and build stronger economic foundations.  Existing corporations are forging new partnerships with nonprofits and other creative marketing methods to positively impact their local communities.  They are re-examining corporate governance to assure that social impact remains positive along with newly defined ROI goals.

The conversation is still controversial with investment firms  and investors in debate over measurement methods to determine comparable degrees of success.  Standards are in debate as well, with efforts to create investment offers that can be compared and provide clarity as to risk and anticipated return.

Overall, it is an exciting time.  It is the goal of Socially Conscious Investing online radio to be an active reflection of the multitude of perspectives and activities available to the public for participation.  Yet, the show is not limited to purely investments of money.  Instead it sees time, energy and ideas as having equally important individual investment value.

Join us and bring your friends to learn more.  Become an active part of our community.  Give us your feedback so we can continue to bring interesting shows that address your questions and thoughts.