Socially Conscious Investing Radio

The “greening” of business and of our world has become a central topic for discussion and action.  It’s our goal as a business to significantly impact change for the better and help other businesses do the same.  As a result, each week we host an online radio show called Socially Conscious Investing with the mission of informing and inspiring people on how they can make a difference in their local and global communities.

In our vernacular, investing does not only refer to money.  Of equal value is a person’s time, creative mind and motivation to participate in change.  That being said, this is a time in our history when social impact investing is actively changing markets and introducing for-profit methods to combat poverty and improve health around the world. 

Many traditional investors find it hard to believe that a positive monetary return can be achieved while accomplishing such lofty social goals.  Visit our page on this blog, About Socially Conscious Investing, to learn more about this exciting time of change.  Listen to our show, and give us feedback so we can provide you with information you want to learn. 

Visit our Facebook Page and join in the discussions about the various episodes.  Take a step each day, no matter how small you believe it is, by participating in the conversation.  Discover your personal passion, and put it to work to help your local or global community.  Our goal is to give you the inspiration and information so you can get started in your own, personal way.

Listen today.  Visit Socially Conscious Investing online radio.

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